Macon Dog Park Guidelines

Welcome to the Macon Dog Park. To protect the park, for public safety and for the enjoyment of the park by everyone, please observe the following guidelines:

Park use is permitted only during open hours from sunrise to sunset, or as otherwise authorized by the City of Macon. The Dog Park may be closed for maintenance, weather-related problems, and special events.

Adults must supervise children. The park can be hazardous. Please enter at your own risk.

Landscape and Property
Damaging or defacing park landscaping or other property is prohibited.

Please help maintain the park property by disposing of all waste in appropriate trash receptacles. Dog owners/custodians must pick up and dispose of excrement in waste containers.

The park is for dogs and humans; all other pets are prohibited. All dogs must be on a leash while coming into and going out of the Dog Park. Dogs may be off the leash inside the confines of the Dog Park. All dogs must have current rabies shots and all other vaccines as required by Bibb County law and must have their rabies tag displayed in ready view. Dogs in heat are not allowed in the Dog Park. Dogs behaving aggressively must immediately be leashed and escorted from the Dog Park. Dog owners/custodians must be present within fenced enclosure at all times. No one person can bring more than three dogs at one time.

Radios, cassette tape players, compact disc players and other sound devices shall not unreasonably disturb other users of the park or those occupying surrounding property.

Sports and Vehicles
Organized team sports are not permitted within the park. Bicycles, skateboards, skates and other unauthorized vehicles or mobility devices (except wheelchairs) are prohibited.

Other Prohibited Activities
Panhandling, soliciting, commercial activity including vending without a permit, camping, campfires and barbecue grills, feeding the birds, drug use and alcohol consumption are prohibited.

For emergencies, call 911.
For inquiries, contact the Macon-Bibb Parks and Recreation Department at (478) 751-9280.